Intergroup Meeting Notes

  • Sober News – The NYIG newsletter is looking for articles: 300-1000 words about recovery based experience, strength and hope. The Xmas edition deadline is Nov. 15th.
    You can send them to
  • Bill W. dinner November 12th at New York Hilton. Old Timers Speaker Meeting: 1-3pm.
    Bill W’s Own story – 3:30-4:30pm
    Bill W. Dinner and Dance -7-2pm
    Tickets still available at NY Intergroup Office – 307 Seventh Ave. Suite 201 NY, NY 212-647-1680
  • Always looking for volunteers to answer phones and do odds and ends around the office – please call the office.
  • First phase of website up and running – please look for the new meeting directions on the landing page of intergroup – meeting finder and more functional Second phase will be up and running by Feb. 1st – online donation site etc.
  • The pink can campaign does not compete with 7th tradition – they are separate fund raising efforts.
  • Please remember the Anniversary Club and Faithful Fivers Club – See website for further information.
  • The intergroup continues to need money for the operations of the office and services of AA in Manhattan – $39,000/month to run all operations for intergroup. $400,000 a year from group donations and $30,000 from the Bill W. Dinner.